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  Key Options • Subcompact layout with intuitive user interface: The modest size and pistol form supplies a familiar discreet carry capacity

Different folks have unique reactions, however it’s surely unpleasant. Many people compare it to touching a Stay electrical outlet besides that it’s not localized to the point of Get in touch with; it's got more of an entire physique result where muscular Handle is restricted for that length with the demand cycle.

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  Stun Batons are a favorite between regulation enforcement personnel, safety guards and bounty hunters, and common citizens due to their take down ability and prolonged achieve.

It may be describe as muscle lock up as you are frequently unable to go. The NMI influence is not about discomfort compliance, but incapacitation so as to hold another person down and away from you. Having said that, it is mostly mildly to reasonably distressing. How huge will be the TASER Bolt and Exactly what does it weigh?

            Designed for Conceal/Carry The brand new TASER Pulse is the most recent in TASER Self-Protection innovation. This can be a higher-tech, subcompact weapon with an intuitive concealed carry design that packs the identical knock-down punch employed by legislation enforcement worldwide. With the TASER Pulse you'll be able to attain an attacker from up to fifteen toes away and immobilize them for thirty seconds, supplying you with time to create a secure Escape. The new TASER Pulse features the newest in self-protection projectile stun gun know-how.

All through this window of possibility, it is possible to established down the TASER Bolt to maintain the attacker incapacitated, while you escape. Deliver us a duplicate of your police report documenting the incident and We're going to swap your device free of charge.

Performance  A hit anywhere on the body is often efficient While using the TASER® product, which makes it much easier to use and even more reliable below stress than some other use-of-pressure solution. TASER® Vitality weapons are area demonstrated approximately 95% helpful in actual police use - the best of any related machine.

Disguise your valuables in basic sight!  Hidden Safes or Diversion safes are normal looking objects that have concealed compartments within. Only you link realize that can of inexperienced beans essentially has your solution stash or passport inside.

 The TASER® C2 Bolt  is often a self-protection electronic Manage system. Digital Command Devices (ECDs) use propelled wires or immediate Speak to to carry out Electrical power to impact the sensory and motor features in the nervous method.  The TASER® C2 Bolt  makes use of a replaceable cartridge, containing compressed nitrogen, to deploy two tiny probes which might be connected towards the TASER® C2 Bolt by insulated conductive wires which has a most size of fifteen toes (four.

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  If a detailed quarter protection is warranted, the Taser Bolt doubles to be a Get in touch with stun gadget to repel somebody as a strong and unexpected backup functionality. (You should utilize as an everyday stun gun!)  TASER technological innovation has established by itself as a secure and powerful selection of self-protection for a lot of around the globe customers.

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